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30 Days of The Ponds | Day 13: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy.
Ponds and their Raggedy Doctor.

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I laughed so hard when this happened :D

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“Over the winter break Alice and I had a little cosplay photo shoot.  We both love Coraline so we dyed her hair, dressed her up, made a doll and played in the woods.  Happy New Year!” (source)

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Fecund by Kate McDowell

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When they are so strong, how to you stop them? How do you cope when you feel that you aren’t worth fucking up others lives by asking for help or to talk?

And then I am only going to be posting on my personal self-discovery/depression/chronic pain/anxiety/positivity/life blog. What ever its supposed to be.

I’ll only keep this one to go back to all the stuff I liked on tumblr.

I miss her so much :(

Massively antisocial.

During my “break,” I will mostly (probably only) posting on my other blog. I feel that one is going to turn into my main one reflecting me and this one is just going to showcase what catches my eye.